Now that you’ve signed up for the Better Futures program, you should visit your partner college’s website and complete their admissions application.

  • Apply for admission for your local partner college or the Rio Salado online option. (View Partner Schools)
  • Complete the FAFSA Form (Free Application for Federal Aid). (Not applicable in Canada)
    • This form helps to unlock federal, state, and local grants and scholarships to help lower your cost of education.
  • The college will help you enroll in classes.
  • PAYING FOR COLLEGE: The college will directly bill the company for your tuition and any fees covered by the company, and the company will pay the college directly for those charges. Any other charges (remaining fees, books, etc.) are paid by the student.

Your plant HR leadership will coordinate times for the college to come into the plant and help complete admissions applications, the FAFSA, and any other forms for the college. You are not on your own in the process!


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